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wall and roof sandwich panel

Roof sandwich panel is a cover for roof due to trapezoidal pitches and overlap shape, it is not possible to penetrate water to it.

Roof sandwich panels are produced as two-side sheet, one-side sheet and one-side foil, one-side sheet and one-side nylon and one-side sheet one-side paper. Standard width of sandwich panel is 1.08 meter that 7 cm of it is as overlap (overlap with side panels) and 1.10 meter, is the useful part for work and have desired length (based on customer order). The sheets of these sandwich panels are produced as sinusoidal (louvered), shadow line, trapezoid design and pottery design. This type of sandwich panel is produced with two-side Alluzink, both side aluminum sheet, both side galvanized sheet, one-side Alluzink and one-side Galvanized, one side Alluzink sheet from outer side and inner Aluminum armed foil or one-side galvanized from outside and one-side foil from inner side, one-side sheet and one-side paper, one –side sheet and nylon and one-side nylon with injective foam of hard polyurethane (typical and fireproof).

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