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twin-wall windows and door

twin-wall windows and door

some of the features of twin-wall door and windows

The beauty, durability and constant color of UPVC profiles

Reconstruction potential of the old window and door

Easy maintenance and observance of quality indicators

Sandwich panel doors

Windows of Wall sandwich panel

Sale and installation of twin-wall windows and UPVC

Sale and installation of all types of insulation windows


A little about UPVC doors and windows

Nowadays, in the design of buildings, particular attention is paid to the amount of light, air circulation, and the elimination of noise pollution, in addition to the beauty of the facade, position and landscape of windows, the windows are the eyes of building and they play an important role in meeting these expectations. UPVC windows have acquired more than 65% of the window market in most countries of the world due to having these standards and the unique beauty and, most importantly, durability and high quality. The Apadana Cover Tower industrial group has considered the production of the UPVC door and window as one of its strategic goals by relying on the Lord’s grace and utilizing the thought and knowledge of the experts and the efforts of the experienced workers and hardworking of domestic workers, while studying and investigating the overall goals of economic development and researching fuel efficiency optimization policies in the year of modifying the pattern of consumption.

Equipment and machinery

According to energy-saving policies in the country, this group has undertaken actions for industrial expansion and development and by purchasing the most modern and most reliable industrial machinery from Germany Company of ELUMATIC and its installing and launching, activities have been started. This group has supplied the fittings and consumables materials needed to build and manufacture UPVC doors and windows from the most reputable German manufacturers.

Why UPVC twin-wall door and windows?

With abundant experience in the manufacturing industry, we want to expand and promote the latest methods of modern building construction which uses UPVC doors and windows. Today, the advantage of using this technology is known to everyone around the world and is reminder of high technology, energy storage, order, ease of cleanliness, beauty, silence and precision of operation according to a standard.

  • The beauty, durability and fixed color of UPVC profiles
  • Reconstruction potential of the old window and door
  • Easy maintenance and observance of quality indicators
  • Relaxation and comfort in the work and living environment
  • Cold and heat insulation, sound and environmental protection
  • Window with your favorite colors and designs

Some features of twin-wall windows and doors:

The beauty, durability and constant color of UPVC profiles

Reconstruction ability of the old window and door

Easy maintenance and observance of quality indicators

More than 33% of energy loss in buildings is through doors and windows. Window and door systems of cover tower have many advantages and disadvantages which lead to welfare of the inhabitants of every building.

Window and door systems made from Winteck UPVC profiles have several advantages as follows in addition to the beauty and elegance of appearance: which ultimately provides comfort in every building.


Reduction of noise pollution


Reduction of energy consumption to supply required heat and cooling


Lack of need to painting and frequent maintenance services


Insulation against dust penetration due to the use of sealed and specially designed rubber tires


Resistance against rainwater penetration due to the use of sealing tires and embedded rubber grooves and rainwater drainage valves


Lack of color and state change against sun radiation


Durability and high strength


Non-flammable in fires


Resistance against decay, rust and oxidation


The ability to install all kind of fittings and providing desired opening


Installation ability of hollow-wall glass


Recycle ability and lack of environmental pollution


Easy cleaning


Ease and speed in installation


Possibility to replace old windows (iron, wood and aluminum) with Wintech UPVC doors and windows in the least time and with least damage

Statistic of twin-wall window and door

  1. Import and sale of all types of various corrugated polycarbonate sheets in thickness from 4 mm to 60 mm (in accordance with the steps of wall and roof sandwich panel and sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets)
  2. Sale and execution of all types of sandwich panel, wall, refrigerator and roof
  3. Design and manufacture of various industrial halls and the implementation of roof coverings and walls of halls
  4. Construction and sale of various fixed and movable conex in different dimensions (fireproof, panel and sheet sandwich)
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