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silicone-totastal screws and adhesives

silicone-totastal screws and adhesives

Silicone-totastal screws and glues


galvanized screws, head drill from 1 to 25 cm or full Taiwan wipes for sandwich panels

Liquid and silicone adhesives (colorless – black – grey) to seal the ceiling of the hall

Gummy Adhesives (French totastal) for Panel Sealing and Flushing and Sandwich Panels

  1. Import and sale of all kind of corrugated polycarbonate sheets from 4 mm to 60 mm thickness (in accordance with the steps of wall and roof sandwich panels and sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets)
  2. Sale and implementation of various types of wall, roof and refrigerator sandwich panel
  3. Design and manufacture of various industrial halls and the implementation of roof coverings and walls of hall
  4. Construction and sale of various fixed and movable conex in different dimensions (fireproof, sheet and sandwich panel)


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