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Selling polycarbonate

Selling polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the hardest transparent material that is used as a suitable alternative to glass in various parts of the buildings. Atmospheric factors such as storms and hail and natural disasters such as earthquakes are the most important factors in determining and choosing suitable construction materials, and due to transparency, impact strength, and resistance of polycarbonate sheet, the use of this sheet in the list of construction materials has allocated the highest rate to itself. The lightness of polycarbonate sheet does not impose additional weight to the existing structure that is an important factor in resistance against earthquake. Moreover, it plays an important role in its transport since the possibility of transporting a large quantity of it with very low weight reduces the related transport and traffic costs.

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Selling Iranian Polycarbonate with different thicknesses

Selling foreign polycarbonate the product of  Gallina Italy

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Economical Efficiency of Polycarbonate

Among the advantages of a polycarbonate coating instead of glass are its lower cost and lighter weight. Moreover, its high resistance in comparison to plastics has led to its increasing demand as coating in the greenhouse industry. The polycarbonate coating is often used to cover the front, rear and half-circles or the sides and roof of the greenhouse if the customer demands. Polycarbonate sheets are a good alternative to glass and save energy. In summer, they prevent heat from entering, and in winter, they prevent the heat from escaping and wasting.


Polycarbonate Applications

  • Construction
  • Transportation Industry
  • Glass applications
  • Safety glass performance
  • Roof window, partitioning, decorative domes, chamber
  • Indoor and outdoor stadiums
  • Pool cover
  • Greenhouse cover
  • Roofing of the passage and marketplace
  • Covering skylights in warehouses
  • Covering skylights in community halls

The performance of these sheets is in such a way that during the summer, especially in August when the sun shines just perfectly perpendicular, by reflecting  a considerable amount of sunlight from, the sheets prevent overheating of  the underlying environment and in other seasons, as the angle of sunlight changes, the passage of light and heat will change too; so that during the winter when the sunlight is quite inclined, it make the maximum passage of light possible from the upper surface to the interior space.

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