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Polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheet


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Polycarbonate is a very strong and light-weight material that is used in the building industry to reduce costs. Polycarbonate sheet is used as single corrugated and or twin or triple layer wall Polycarbonate. Among the features of this products, flexibility, high bending radius, transparency, high resistance against impacts including hail, lower flammability and, most importantly, energy dissipation reduction through these sheets are considered.  In addition, due to existence of anti-UV layer on the outer surface of these sheets, it has a good resistance against UV-destructive rays. Greenhouse owners have concluded that 16 mm and 6 mm sheets can prevent up to 70% and 50% of heat loss respectively.

Polycarbonate roofing

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t is used to cover the roof of places such as backyard, hall, greenhouses, cover of pool roof and roof of car parking. The high resistance of these sheets was to a degree that they are also refereed as impact resistance (shatterproof). In addition due to the existence of anti-UV layer of 60 to 80 micron on it, it has resistance against ultraviolet radiation. The multilayer property of these channels is created within these structures that the existed air between these channels gives them thermal and acoustic insulation and as a result, the energy efficiency increases. This product can be supplied with standard dimensions (flat model with dimensions of 205305 cm in 4 to 10 mm thickness (twin-wall) and 16 to 20 mm (triple-wall)).

Wall Polycarbonate

Wall Polycarbonate has a very high resistance in addition to low weight and color stability which minimizes the risks associated with natural disasters such as earthquakes. The use and installation of sheets is very easy. Their high thickness makes them resistant to bullet impacts. The structure of the wall polycarbonate material is as such that can be installed on the wall and roof of the structure with quick and easy installation and maximize the use of daylight inside the structure. It realizes all needs of customers in roof and wall systems, which one of these solutions is the addition of wall polycarbonates compatible with their polycarbonates, because the company’s main goal is to increase the range of products in wall and roof coverings. Some steps must be taken to protect the thermal energy and create lighting in the structure and save costs that facilitate people’s needs and lives. In this case, the type of architectural design and its implementation parameters is critical. The main goal in this discussion is the maximum use of daylight and having low energy costs.

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