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Installation of Wall Sandwich Panels

Installation of Wall Sandwich Panels

Wall Sandwich Panels

Wall sandwich panel is a kind of prefabricated construction material that is made up of two layers of sheet, between which is injected foam, and is used to cover the wall and for the facade, and can be produced in various designs and dimensions. The sheet of wall sandwich panels is galvanized, aluzinc and aluminum. Aluzinc sheet is used most often and is more efficient because of the stainless properties of aluminum, as well as its high resistance to corrosion and its reasonable price. This type of sandwich panel is more suitable for internal walls and partitions, in different projects with thickness of 4 to 6 cm, it has double-sided aluzinc sheet, double-sided galvanized or one outer aluzinc sheet and one inner galvanized sheet.  By creating a groove on them, the compressive strength can be raised to the optimum level.

Different Types of Wall Sandwich Panels:

1) Simple wall sandwich panel

2) Male and female wall sandwich panel

3) Hidden screw wall sandwich panel

4) Clean room wall sandwich panel

5) Double-sided nylon wall sandwich panel

Applications of Wall Sandwich Panels:

These types of sandwich panels can be used to cover the walls of sports and industrial sheds, walls of operating rooms and laboratories, prefabricated conexes and villa buildings and cold storage rooms. The mammoth wall sandwich panel is designed such that the width is indented in one side and the other side is projected (male and female). When the two panels are placed side-by-side, will edges will lock and overlap each other, and are connected to the structure by screw in different positions.

Structure and Technical Characteristics of Wall Panel Sandwich:

Like all sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels are also composed of 3 layers: 1) the coating on the panel, 2) the middle core of the panel (polyurethane and polystyrene foams, polyurethane foam is the best kind of foam in this type of panel in terms of strength and resistance), 3) cover behind the panel

The useful width is 1.14 m and non-useful width is 1.16 m and the length varies from 2 to 13.60 and the sickness is 3 to 20 cm, the consumed sheets are galvanized, aluminum, and aluzinc that are produced as two-sided sheet, one side sheet one side nylon, two-sided nylon.

Advantages of Wall Sandwich Panels:

1) Insulation of heat, cold, sound and humidity

2) Resistance against wind, landslide, and earthquake

3) Resistance against chemicals and rust and harmful insects

4) Low price and color variation

5) Being recyclable and causing the lowest damage to the environment

6) Easy shipping and easy installation and low weight, which reduces costs and saves time

7) Suitable for all climates

8) Hygienic and washable

 Special Tips on Installing Wall Sandwich Panels
In the installation of a wall sandwich panels, you should pay attention to the following points:

-Adequate supports are used for tightening the screws (considering the position of trapezoidal steps and the observance of permissible space between sandwich panels)  

-Paying attention to the distance between columns, final width, location of the installation of sandwich panels, height of the sandwich panels, and intensity of the wind in relation to the location of the sandwich panels in designing metal structures and construction of wall sandwich panels (this is for the reduction of the waste of sandwich panels)

-Using the best methods for sealing sandwich panels through Gutter and Flashing, which are used for the beauty and sealing of the structures

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