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Installation of Wall |Roof Polycarbonates

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Installation of Wall |Roof Polycarbonates

Flat Polycarbonate Sheets:

Flat sheets of polycarbonate are unique products with an extraordinary safety factor and ideal for alternative glass applications.

In addition to lightweight and color stability, the sheets have a very high impact resistance, which are almost non-fragile, and in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the risk of glass breakdown is reduced to zero.

Since the use and installation of these sheets is very easy, they are used as alternatives to glass, in windows and skylights, pedestrian bridges, bus stations, automobile industries, and so on. The higher thicknesses of these sheets are resistant to bullets and are recommended for all areas that have potential for physical damage, such as banks, jewelry stores, museums, money transferring locations, etc. Flat polycarbonate sheets are produced and supplied as transparent, opaque and colored in thicknesses of 2-12 mm and dimensions of 205 × 305 cm.

Advantages of Roof Polycarbonate Installation:

The plates manufactured by Polymer Talaei Yazd Company have excellent visual optical properties with brilliant surfaces like diamond. These products also offer exceptional performance even at high and low temperatures. The important benefit of using these plates is their superb mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The other advantage of these plates in the installation of polycarbonate can be referred to as the following:

• It can be shaped by vacuum very easily.

• Exceptional performance at high and low temperatures

• Easy recyclability

• Extremely high impact resistance, up to 250 times as much glass, almost non-brittle

• Usually non-flammable

• Easy to use and easy to install

• Excellent thermal and electrical insulation

• Lightweight (approximately 1/2 of the weight of a glass with the same dimensions), which makes the plates easily portable and fitted.

• Its safe curvature radius is about 175 times as much as the thickness.

Polycarbonate Application:

• Construction

• Transportation Industry

• Glass applications

• Safety glass performance

• Ceiling windows, partitioning, decorative domes, chamber

• indoor or outdoor stadiums

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