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Installation of sandwich panels

Installation of sandwich panels

Borjpooshesh Company, the official representative of Mammoth products in Iran, is an active group in the field of consulting, designing, producing and implementing various ceiling, wall, and refrigerating sandwich panels.

نصب ساندويچ پانل

Important tips for installing a mammoth sandwich panel

۱) Use of skilled and experienced personnel to install wall and roof sandwich panel

۲) Use of suitable supports for closing the screws, taking into account the positions of the trapezoidal steps and geographical location

۳) Use of modern methods for sewing sandwich panels which is possible by the use of flushing gutters

۴) Ordering the quantity according to the dimensions of each project, and assembling the different portions of sandwich panels should be done carefully

۵) Installation of flushing and gutter is also effective in sandwich panel installation, and it should be done by well-trained, experienced and skilled installers and technicians.


Some of the Uses of Sandwich Panel

The use of sandwich panels in a variety of cold storage rooms and  refrigeration industries, workshops, field clinics, wash rooms in prayer rooms and educational environments, mobile workshops, guard posts, one and two-story villas, rescue units at critical times such as earthquakes, the construction of various types of industrial sheds, walls and roofs of production halls, office buildings and hotels, conexes, containers, multi-wall tanks, shed coverage of warehouses,  houses and villas, in industries, coverage of sheds, gyms and cold storage room, construction of various residential sheds, mobile clinics and schools, mobile houses and caravans, indoor pools and sports halls, walls and ceilings of industrial buildings, false walls and ceilings, internal walls and office chambers at factories, making conex, container, fixed and mobile refrigerated containers, prefabricated structures and houses, temporary residential camps, metal structures, space structures, warehouse and loading, sports complexes, industrial and manufacturing companies, industrial and semi-industrial cold storage rooms.

  1. Very strong energy insulator
  2. Being light in comparison with other materials
  3. Very low price compared to the traditional materials
  4. Being washable
  5. Easy and fast installation and implementation
  6. Various color schemes
  7. Suitable sound insulator
  8. High resistance to earthquake shear forces
  9. Increasing the useful life of the structure
  10. Great flexibility for using in specific projects
  11. High resistance to solvents and non-corrosivity in acidic and basic environments



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