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galvanic sandwich panel

Galvanic sandwich panel

As it was mentioned, specific sheets called galvanic sheets are used in the galvanic sandwich panel. Galvanic sheets are iron sheets covered with zinc. In galvanized iron, the electrochemical bond is formed between iron and zinc on which zinc is used instead of iron as a cathode and iron are used as a cathode.  Zinc is oxidized on the anode because it is more active metal than iron and has lower reduction potential than iron and has higher oxidation potential.  A reverse reaction is done in making can by it.


Galvanic sandwich panel


  • Lower cost: it has lower than in comparison to the traditional methods
  • Lifetime: the life time of these sheets is low.
  • Coverage durability: this cover is very thin with relatively high resistance against mechanical injuries and corrosions.
  • Complete protection against environmental damages: this cover fills all below and small points in steel and prevents its corrosion.
  • Easy loading: destructive tests are not needed on the structure and can be negligible.
  • Preparation in a short time
  • Protection in all climate types
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