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Construction of conex

Construction of conex and prefabricated houses

Engineering conex

Engineering conex or engineering camp constructed to be used in civil projects and settle engineers and technicians contemporary.

This conex can be partitioned like the other conex types based on the customer need.

One of the most significant advantages of the prefabricated conex r sandwich panel than the traditional houses is its transferability to other places after the end of project and construction or sold at the proper price. High quality and also the specific insulation have changed the engineering conex to the best policy to settle project managers, executive managers, and engineers at the project location.

Each conex has an input electricity connector as tongue and groove joint that input electricity enters to the electrical panel of the conex by this connector and divided into rooms by the related fuses. One the feature of electrical panels is protecting life which minimizes the probability of electrocution inside the conex. A smoke detector with alarms is installed in each room to alert dwellers while firing by the alarm. All managerial and engineering decorative conex and ordered decorative conex with desirable design are produced for organizations and companies for managerial, exhibition, store, guarding, and service providing with the best material and competitive price as only one of the exclusive services for companies and organizations.  The electrical system and the Caxlex phone are in the form of PVC and PVC inks according to BS standard that all used switches and socket outlets are European trademark.

Administrative conex

Administrative conex is a very beautiful and chic office with the minimum cost and is usually in the nearest location to the project. These contexts are usually fabricated for 1 or 22 people. Therefore, they don’t need partitioning. If a customer orders, they will have some changes. A chic office in the shortest time is available for you by this conex. This conex type is usually fabricated by a qualified sandwich panel to minimize energy waste.

Advantages of administrative conex

  • Quick installation
  • Quick transference of the structure
  • No need to foundation
  • Need to less cost for construction

This company design and execute the ordered designs and maps by your honorable customers in the best form using the world update designing knowledge about conex construction, prefabricated houses, and prefabricated walls in all types of fixed or wheeled conex. The custom-made equipment of conex is designed and optimized according to the customer’s order including:

  • Fiberglass or Panels sanitary service
  • Water heater
  • Air conditioner valve
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Partitioning
  • Embossed aluminum or embossed iron flooring
  • Dishwashing sink
  • Inside wooden door in HDF material
  • Single or double wall extra window

Its technical designing and calculations are based on the National Building Standards and Regulations and customer order, then its produced maps and technical documents are prepared and formulated for construction and supplement of initial materials and sent to the planning and production unit. Planning unit prepares and sends the needed materials based on the offered technical documents and maps which have the confirmed and essential certificates by quality control units. Construction of the mentioned product is based on the offered technical documents and maps of engineering unit and based on the world update standards by production unit. After their constructions, the collection of conex, when they are assembled beside each other, are delivered in installed form to the customer and, the company is responsible to send an expert to solve the problems of that in its guarantee duration.

What are the features of sandwich panels in conex construction?

Sandwich panel is very light and compound structure limited to double-layer from both des and there is an insulation layer in the middle. The insulator materials are very soft, light, and having specific physical properties. Sandwich panels are divided into roof and wall groups. Those are produced by polyurethane (PU) as a proper alternative for clay and brick walls and blades.  Sandwich panels are actually putting an appropriate insulator (polyurethane foam, polystyrene, rock wool, etc.) between the two other layers (colored sheet, galvanized, etc.) in various thicknesses. Today, the importance of using all covers is indicated for various applications. For example, steel layer is used in food, pharmaceutical, and health industries with high importance grade. Sandwich panel is divided and popular into wall type (hidden or visible screw) and roof (using the trapezoidal shaping of the sheet in a way to strengthen the panel) according to its application. This product has so anticipated that has entered different insulators type such as in this industry even regarding its type, insulation degree, and fireproofing.  Using rock wool has been mentioned more than others according to its very low thermal transitivity and very proper resistance against firing in specific industries (oil, petroleum, gas, etc.).

Why is sandwich panel so interesting in industry sector?

Its unique features interest all experts and investor. Very proper insulator against heat and cold, lightweight, proper mechanical resistance, easiness in transportation, health, and being washable, easy installation in any place, time, and climate condition, and very quick installation finally lead to a secure investment and accurate selection.

Of course, we see the application of various sandwich panels in our country like refrigerators and cold industrial houses, sheds, warehouses, power plants, airports, villas, exhibitions, schools, hospitals, conex, and caravans.

Sandwich pane features in the conex construction

۱-    Lightweight

۲-    Significate load tolerability

۳-    Insulator against noise

۴-    Insulator against moisture

۵-    Foam sticking to health safety sheet

۶-    Chemical resistance- resistant to fire

۷-    Affordability and long life

۸-    Heat insulation against heat and cold

۹-    The best insulator against heat and cold

۱۰-    Insulator against noise

۱۱-    Earthquake resistant

۱۲-    Hygienic and washable

۱۳-    Quick and accurate installation

۱۴-    Easiness in the installation

۱۵-    Saving energy

۱۶-    Easiness in changing or exchanging panels

۱۷-    Achievement to more useful space regarding the low thickness


Applications of the prefabricated sandwich panel conex

  • Sandwich panel with polyurethane foam
  • Wall sandwich panel
  • Sandwich panel
  • Roof sandwich panel
  • Roof and wall sandwich panel
  • Roof and wall sandwich panel with galvanized cover
  • Thermal insulation (roof panel)

۱-    Importing and sale of all type corrugated polycarbonate sheets in 4-60mm (based on sandwich steps, roof and wall panels, and sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets

۲-    Sale and execution of all roof, wall, and refrigerator sandwich panel

۳-    Designing and constructing all industrial niches and executing its roof and walls covers

۴-    Constructing and sale of all fixed and mobile conex in various dimensions (fireproof, sandwich panel and sheet)

Designing and constructing the clean room

Designing and constructing the clean room

Designing and constructing clean room can be huge space; as though,  a factory with thousand m2 area can be constructed in niches with defined clean rooms and covered lands with specific flooring of these rooms.

Borj Pushesh Company can provide the needs of educational research, and productive centers based on international standards as a professional expert in construction of the essential clean room, prevention, personal and environmental security, making clean environments free of the physical, chemical, biological, pollutant by monitoring and controlling environmental pollution surface, and also depollute the sustainable pollutions from persons and environment in medicine, treatment, health, agriculture, food, special industries and physics and chemistry laboratories at the domestic and Middle Eastern markets.

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