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Cold-room panel sandwich

Cold-room panel sandwich

Cold-room panel sandwich, as is clear by its name, is used for walls and roofs of cold-rooms, the cold-room sandwich panel is actually the combination of polyurethane core between two sheets. Cold-room panel sandwich is produced 8-20 cm thickness based on its application, and the used polyurethane in it is completely stiff and fragile, so it can’t solely be used. However, the desirable high mechanical tensile strength is obtained. The specific characteristics of this sandwich panel are obeying health cases and principles and another unique characteristic of the cold-room sandwich panel is resistance against humidity and rot.

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Cold-room panel sandwich

Ensuring of having an environment with stable and necessary of protecting proper temperature makes the thought of insulation of these environments in the human mind that finally produces the first compact and combined insulators from wood chips and animals wools. Using polystyrene as a proper cold-room has become popular chronically and by science advance and petrochemical products. However, the big disadvantage of this insulator is non-flammability that moves scientists as alternative materials, and finally, polyurethane is introduced as the desirable insulator to the industry. Polyurethane is used in making pre-fabricated walls called sandwich panel. Sandwich panel is a light and laminated structure that is limited to two metal sheets, and polyurethane insulator is injected to physical specific characteristics between two sheets. Using polyurethane sandwich panel reduces consumed electricity costs of cold-rooms significantly.

Applications of cold-room sandwich panels

  • Production, execution, and implementation of under and above zero cold-rooms
  • Industrial structures tunnels such as industrial factories
  • Big buildings, huge supermarkets, stores, and other industries such as animal husbandry and agricultural industries
  • Food, animal, and marine industries
  • Medical equipment, experimental, hospital, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Protecting daily materials used by hotels and stadiums
  • Animal husbandry, agriculture, and cold industries stores
  • Flower and plant production

Advantages of Cold-room sandwich panel

  1. Resistance to thermal, humidity, and sound transfer
  2. Resistance to environmental conditions and corrosions
  3. Non-inflammable
  4. Washable

Technical characteristics of cold-room sandwich panel

Panels are produced based on an order in 4-25 cm thickness. Sandwich panels are made of 5 sheets. Two internal and external protecting sheets, two specific adhesion sheets to connect external protecting sheets, polyurethane insulator, and interior foam of sandwich panel in polyurethane foam tissue with 40kg/m3 density.

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