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faen 0171 3367 028 unit 2-1st floor- the Kian complex- Parastar Blvd. Qazvin
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Wall sandwich panel

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Wall sandwich panel

Wall sandwich panel is a type of prepared construction material that is formed from two sheets with the injected foam inside them and is used to cover wall and outlets and is produced in various designs and dimensions. Wall sandwich panel sheets are galvanic, Aluzinc, and aluminum that Aluzinc one is more applied for properties of high resistance, very low corrosion, and affordable price and more efficiency besides aluminum anti-corrosion properties. This type of sandwich panel is most proper for walls and internal partitions in various projects in 4-66cm thickness which has two-side Aluzinc sheets, two-side Aluzinc sheets, or one-side Aluzinc from outside and one-side galvanic from inside whose pressure strength is desirably high by making a groove on them.

All types of wall sandwich panel

1-    Simple wall sandwich panel

2-    Paired wall sandwich panel

3-    Hidden screw wall sandwich pane

4-    Clean-room wall sandwich panel

5-    Two-side nylon wall sandwich panel

Applications of wall sandwich panel

This type of sandwich panel can be used to cover industrial and sport sheds, operation rooms and laboratories and walls, prefabricated conex, villas, and cold-rooms. Mammoth wall sandwich panel has torch in one side and ranged edges, and the other side has a bulge (paired edges) to block and overlap two panels when are connected to each other and is bolted to connect to the structure in various positions.

Technical structure and characteristic of wall sandwich panel

It is made of three sheets like all other sandwich panels: 1) coverage on panel, 2) middle core (polyurethane and polystyrene foam that the best material in this panel to have the highest strength is polyurethane foam) 3) panel back cover

Useful width of 14.1 m, and non-useful width of 1.16 m, length of 2-60.13 m with 3-2 cm thickness and the used sheets are galvanic, aluminum, or Aluzinc produced in two-side sheet, one-side sheet, one-side nylon, and two-side nylon.

Advantages of wall sandwich panels

1-    Insulator of heat, coldness, sound, and humidity

2-    Resistance against wind, earth drive, earthquake, and chemical materials

3-    Resistance against chemical materials, corrosion, and vermin

4-    Low price and varieties in color

5-    They are recyclable and has minimum harm to the environment

6-    Easy transportation, facility in installment, and low weight which in turn reduce costs and save time.

7-    Proper for all climates

8-    Healthy and washable

These conexes are used in construction projects, and oil, gas, and petrochemical contractors, army, Sepah, and police, road assistance and government agencies, forestry workers, equipping workshops and facilities, municipalities and transportation and transportation agencies, universities and educational centers, accidental headquarters and road and police rescue and rescue centers roads, emergency and red crescent and desert hospital, water and wastewater companies, and electricity companies. Actually, it can be stated that these conexes are a mobile workshop to establish engineers, technicians. And workers in civil and construction projects locations.

Guarding conex

Guarding conex is made to settle guarding forces inside it that is called guarding kiosk. This conex can be made by the pre-fabricated wall in parts of cities or in front of buildings, hospitals, or even parking places to settle guardians to surveil on trafficking. This conex sometimes is needed in the residential complex at the entrance of the complex. In addition to controlling entry and exit to the building, the janitor can stay inside it if the conex dimensions are proper a little, janitor living place can be considered there.

Guarding conex can be also used in the entrance of hospitals and universities as guardian sector. Sandwich panel is used as raw materials in these types of conex.

Guardian kiosk can be also used in private and governmental centers. Guardian conex must be constructed in a way an inside person can control the surrounding and dominate it maximally.


Guardian conex is designed with specific facilities as being living place of janitor to control trafficking in an alley, building, etc. inside a hospital as a guardian, inside private and governmental centers.

Watching towers in prisons and security centers

Guardian conex can be executed in 1m, 6m, and 4m dimensions.

Any desired material by customers can be used for the external output of this conex type by considering guardian conex price.

Guardian kiosk has three window-made sides and entrance door for complete control on the environment that can be designed based on customers’ need.

Engineering conex

Engineering conex or camp is used in civil projects to settle technicians and engineers contemporary.

Since building home is not possible or it is highly costly, engineering conex or camp can be used (constructing these conexes or prefabricated is possible).

These conexes can be partitioned like other conexes based on customers’ needs.

One of the main advantages of these pre-fabricated conex or sandwich panel than the traditional homes is their mobility to other places at the need of project and construction and sell at a fair price, High quality and also specific insulation have changed engineering conex to the best policy to settler project managers, executors, and engineers in project location.

Each conex has an electricity input connector as paired that input electricity enters the electrical panel inside conex by the connector and divided into rooms by the related fuses. One feature of electrical panels is life protector minimizing the possibility of electric shock inside conex. Smoke detector with alarms is installed inside each room that announces settlers while firing. Producing managerial, radioactive, and non-radioactive engineering conexes by desirable figures and design unique for organizations and companies for managerial, gallery, store, guarding, and service providing applications with the best materials, quality, and competitive price are one of the unique service provisions for these companies and organizations. Wiring system and conex telephone outlet and inlet and inside PVC ducts were based on BS standard that all users switch and sockets had European trademarks.

Office conex

Office conex is a nice and chic office with the minimum costs and are usually near to project location, these conexes are usually made for 1 and 2 people usage and doesn’t need partitioning, but it will have some changes if customers need. A chic office in minimum possible time is in access by this codex. This conex type is made by the high-quality sandwich panel to minimize energy waste.

Advantages of office conex

Quick installation

Quick transferring of structure

No need to foundation

Need to less capital for construction

This company designs and executes conex, pre-fabricated home, and pre-fabricated walls based on your needed figures and designs using world designing knowledge in the best form in all mobile, fixed, and wheelbarrow. The ordered equipment of conexes is designed and optimized based on customers’ orders including:

Fiberglass or panel WC


Air-conditioner valve


Ragged iron or aluminum flooring

Dishwashing sink

Door made of HDF

Single-walled or double-walled additional windows

Its technical designing and calculations were prepared and formulated based on building national regulations and standards and customers demand, then its technical documents and produced figures to construct and supply the initial materials and then is sent to production and planning units. Planning unit prepared and sent the needed cases based on the provided figures and technical documents with confirmed certificates by quality control units.

The mentioned product is constructed based on the provided technical document and figures by engineering units based on up-grade standards from the production unit. After the construction of the conexes, in the cases where the conexes are arranged side by side, and the company removes any occurred problems in guarantee duration by sending experts.

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