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faen 0171 3367 028 unit 2-1st floor- the Kian complex- Parastar Blvd. Qazvin
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polyurethane sandwich panel

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polyurethane sandwich panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel like most of the sandwich panels is used in roofs and walls consisting two sheets that cover the core of it. This type is much better thermal and sound insulator.

Polyurethane sandwich panel is divided into two types:

  • Polyester base
  • Polyether base

Sandwich panel with polyurethane foam than double energy productivity than polystyrene in the best range of sandwich panels based on mechanical and thermal properties. The used insulation is stiff polyurethane which put the polyurethane structure in the rank of the best thermal insulator; as though, a sandwich panel with 4cm thickness has thermal insulation equaling to the brick wall with 50cm thickness.

Changing insulator properties is possible in polyurethane sandwich for various applications such as the following cases:

  • Making an anti-corrosion coating
  • Elastic and rubbery (elastomeric)
  • Changing to stiff foam as an excellent insulator

Advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel

  • Low weight and being light
  • Not absorbing liquids and are waterproof
  • Long life and durability
  • The target price is very low for using low energy in their production process
  • Anti-corrosion by insects and resistant to water and fire
  • High varieties and customer-friendly sandwich panel
  • Simple installation and execution

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